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Microsoft launches IE9 browser

Introduced in 40 languages, IE9 is the most downloaded beta among all browsers, with more than 40 million downloads, surpassing 2% of the "most anticipated operating system" - Windows 7.
More than 250 of the world's top sites take advantage of the new features and capabilities of Internet Explorer 9 to deliver a distinct experience for users. As such, these partners have teamed up to provide a distinct web experience for over 1 billion users on the Web.
"The best web experience is on Windows product key with Internet Explorer 9," said Dean Hachamovitch, Microsoft's vice president of product marketing for Windows Internet Explorer. "From today, Web sites can take advantage of the power and capabilities of the best computer hardware through the Windows operating system and Internet Explorer 9. Web sites can also act as The application runs on Windows 7, with features such as pinned sites. In less than a year, Internet Explorer 9 has moved from trial to release with the help of hardware partners and the global community, "said Stephane Kimmerlin, director of marketing. Microsoft Vietnam emphasized.
Leading Web sites and designers have taken advantage of Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 9 is designed to take pages from content to form the Windows 7 product key operating system, thus making the web experience more beautiful and flawless. Features such as Pinned Sites or JumpList help users place their web pages right on the Windows 7 taskbar. The web experience is like a typical computer application, so you can quickly and easily work with the web pages you need, like checking email inbox, changing tracks, accepting words. invite your friends or view the latest news.
In addition to the top 250 sites, more than 1,000 other Web sites and web designers are also taking advantage of new features in Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7. Only the largest sites on the planet, such as social networks and Amazon, but also the leading sites of experience from around the world.
In social networking and information, Internet Explorer 9's partners are leading partners such as social networking, Twitter and WordPress - topping the blogging platform - moreover, there are professional networks. Top in America, Europe, Russia, Korea and Latin America.
• In the ecommerce business, Internet Explorer 9's partners include global buying sites such as Amazon, or the leading auction site eBay.
• Video and content partners are one of the top five US video providers such as and Dailymotion, or top radio sites such as PANDORA® and Jango. Moreover, the partners include global television and news sites such as of France and CNN of America.
US media partners include the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and the Huffington Post, as well as a few dozen leading global news sites on every continent.
PANDORA® Radio announces a new and dynamic JumpList list for Internet Explorer 9. Tom Conrad, chief technology officer and vice president of product management, Pandora, emphasized: "This new feature Pandora's listeners can now quickly and easily access personal favorite programs from their PC's task bar with their new Internet Explorer 9 browser, which is a fun and easy experience on the web. for you to listen to the radio.
Fast and also means Nice: Internet Explorer 9 with hardware acceleration
The new version of Internet Explorer takes advantage of the hardware power of modern Windows PCs to improve web page rendering. As the only browser capable of hardware acceleration thanks to HTML5, Internet Explorer 9 harnesses the power of a graphics processing unit (GPU), unleashing 90 percent of PC power, which other browsers can not. can do.
Programmers can build websites that are more flawless, more beautiful and feel more like computer applications with HTML5 open standards, or use plug-ins such as Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Silverlight. Both can take advantage of the hardware acceleration in Internet Explorer 9 in the next version of the two software.

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How to deactivate Windows Product Key and use it on another computer?

Switching the Windows Product key from one computer to another is one of the most useful solutions for Windows users. And this is also the reason that Windows users often deactivate Windows Product key on the old computer to use on the new Windows computer.
1. Deactive Windows Product Key
To deactivate the Windows Product key, follow these steps:
Step 1:
First open the Command Prompt under Admin. To do this, click the Start button, and then type cmd into the Search box. On the list of search results, right-click cmd.exe and select Run as admininstrator.
Step 2:
In the Command Prompt window, enter the following command and press Enter: slmgr / dlv
Step 3:
The Windows Script Host dialog box that contains the software license information appears on the screen.
Step 4:
Your task is to find and note the Activation ID displayed on the Windows Script Host dialog box, then click OK.
Step 5:
To uninstall the Windows Product key, enter the following command and then press Enter: slmrg / upk (Activation ID)
Step 6:
A popup window with a message saying that you have successfully uninstalled the product key: "Uninstalled product key successfully" appears on the screen.
2. Active Windows Product key
Having a Windows product key on your new Windows PC is pretty straightforward. You can use the Windows 10 Product Key that you uninstalled or deactivate on your old computer to install or activate the Windows Product key on your new computer.
Step 1:
First open the Command Prompt under Admin. To do this, click the Start button, and then type cmd into the Search box. On the list of search results, right-click cmd.exe and select Run as admininstrator.
Step 2:
In the Command Prompt window, enter the following command and press Enter: slmrg / ipk (Windows product key)
Step 3:
A popup window with a message saying that you have successfully installed the product key is displayed: "Installed product key (your Windows product key) successfully."

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Make Face-Facial Security for Windows

If your laptop or desktop is equipped with a webcam, the article below will show you how to use the webcam to create a face-priority security function to log on to Windows.
For enhanced security when logging in, some high-end laptops have fingerprint security, or even face-to-face access to the system.
Even if your laptop is not equipped with a webcam, you can still use face-to-face login to enhance your system's security with the help of Luxand Blink.
Luxand Blink! is a free software that allows users to use their own face to sign in to a Windows product key account, instead of having to type a password like before.
Not only will it work with laptops, if your desktop is equipped with a webcam, you can still use Luxand Blink! same as on laptop.
The next step in the installation process, software asks users to choose the type of webcam that laptop is using.
Click Apply to continue.
After completing the installation process, the software will ask you to set up to use. Click Next on the pop-up dialog to start the setup process.
Click Next in the dialog box to continue. At the set-up stage, the software requires you to keep your face centered on the webcam so the software can accurately recognize it, then slowly turn your face to the left and then to the right.
Once the software has finished recognizing the face, the software will ask you to enter the Windows login password that you are using. Click Finish to complete the setup.
After completing the settings, if you reboot the system or at subsequent Windows accesses, you will now see the window of Blink appear.
You must use your face to identify the software. For some reason, if you have problems with facial recognition, you can still use the password to sign in the usual way.
Blink's algorithm can detect faces that have changed. For example, you can cut your hair, make eyebrows, wear glasses ... the software can help identify. In particular, if you are worried someone has used his face mirror image to log on to the system illegally, Blink! can distinguish and prevent this possibility.
After logging in to Windows, to change the settings of Luxand Blink ! right-click on the icon of the software in the system tray and select Settings.
In the Settings dialog box that appears:
- Click the Disable button to remove the facial features of Blink! and return to the login option as the default (by typing a password).
- If you want to delete the previously identified face, press the Delete button. To identify a new face, click the Remember button and follow the steps outlined above.
- Click the History button to see when Windows was previously logged. Based on this, you will know whether Windows has been accessed illegally or not.
- Select the High Security option below to increase the security level to the highest (the face must ensure accuracy with the identification was done) can log into the system.
If Windows is divided into multiple accounts for multiple users, each account should identify a unique face to be logged into use.
How to set a password for Windows login account:
Follow these steps: (This article uses Windows 7 product key to illustrate.) The procedure is quite similar in other versions of Windows.
- Click Start, Control Panel from Start Menu appears.
- Select 'User Accounts and Family Safety' from the Control Panel.
- Select 'Change your Windows Password' in the User Accounts pop-up menu, then select 'Create a password for your account' in the next step to create (or change your Windows login password).
- To create a new account, click on 'Manage another account' and select 'Create new account'. Then enter the username and access (administrator or guest account).
- To initialize passwords for child accounts, follow the steps outlined above.

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Download and install IE10 on Windows 7

To use the IE10 browser, the user's Windows 7 must be upgraded to Service Pack 1 (the upgraded packages are packaged for Microsoft's different versions of Windows product key, including full upgrades to fix bugs or upgrade security holes ...).
If the user's computer has not been upgraded to Service Pack 1, download the free upgrade package (including 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7).
After download, proceed to install as normal software and then restart the computer to complete the upgrade process.
After completing the upgrade, you continue to download the official installation of IE10 for Windows 7 product key here (including 32-bit version and 64-bit Windows), then proceed to install and use. .

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Five unique features are only available in Windows 7

If Windows Vista comes up with not so many outstanding features that make people forget about XP, then with Windows 7 product key, that might be different. New features and highlights below may make you think again about whether to use Windows 7 or not.
Device Stage
Although Windows Vista can fully recognize the presence of cameras, phones, printers, and other peripherals, Windows 7's Device Stage features them as privileges. The operating system will reserve a glossy state window for each device, which you can easily manage for files, media, and special device functions.
In the past, when you added a computer to your local network or home network, you would have to spend a lot of work to split resources shared between machines.
But now, Microsoft is committed to removing the nuisance and discomfort of the internal network for its operating system users by providing the HomeGroup feature. Now you can add PCs and devices to your local network without the hassle of sharing files, printers and the like. That's why we should use the seventh version and wonder why so far this feature has been used.
Jump Lists
Similar to using the Recent Document menu to help you easily find the files you have just used, the Jump Lists feature provides quick access to the information used by programs. For example, you can right-click on the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar and select the list of frequently visited or recently visited Web sites in the list and you can quickly access them. Once you start using Jump List, you will feel this is an indispensable feature of Windows 7 home premium product key.
Most of us have documents, music, pictures and movies scattered in many folders on the computer. Libraries are special folders in Windows 7 that list those items in a common area, regardless of where you store them anywhere on your hard drive. This will not be too hard when searching for files in a certain format. And most of all, Libraries are easily shared across home networks and home networks through the HomeGroup feature mentioned above.
One-click Wi-Fi
Unlike Windows Vista, Windows 7 ultimate product key lets you connect to a wireless network simply and easily: Click the Internet connection icon in the system tray, and select from the list of results of hotspots that can be used to connect wi- fi. Let's say you can find third-party programs to manage wi-fi connectivity for Vista, but nothing can streamline and smooth this feature on Windows 7.
Currently, the trial version of Windows 7 RC continues to allow you to download and try until June next year, if you want, you can see how to download and upgrade to Windows 7 RC.

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The Chinese government has refused to install Windows 8 on the computer

A move by the Chinese government to punish Microsoft for stopping support for Windows XP PRODUCT KEY recently.
Recently, officials in the Chinese government have announced that they will not allow the installation of Windows 8 on any new computer because of security concerns. Specifically, last week, the central government procurement authority, announced that all new desktops, laptops, and tablets would have to Using a version of Windows that is older than Windows 8, this is a blow to Microsoft and the software developer Windows and determines Windows 8 product key as the operating system for their development. .
With the popularity of this billion people, they will not be affected by the announcement. The Declaration only applies to organs under the Chinese Government.
According to a report, Windows XP is still the most used operating system in the country, with 70% market share. China's "embargo" Windows 8 is in response to Microsoft announced to stop supporting Windows XP from April 8 last. The government does not want the supply of PCs dependent on a foreign company, fearing that the company will be ready to discontinue security support for the OS whenever it wants - similar to the new XP. (although this OS actually has too old, up to 13 years).
Instead, the Chinese government will focus its resources on building a Linux-based operating system, an OS that they have also experimented with before. In the future, they also want the ambition to popularize this "home-grown" OS for both general-purpose users in the country.
Microsoft office 2013 product key has not made any comment about this information.

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Safe Mode Windows 10 Networking How to Activate

You are here, It means that you are facing problems with your windows. A Windows feature is used to solve and diagnose that problem. Known as Safe Mode of Windows 10 Networking. You will have limited features and no access to heavy applications. In safe mode, limited features are provided with drivers and limited support applications. Let's use your Windows 10. And for the Windows 10 Product key, the posts below:
Windows 10 Pro Product Key
Windows Activator Key
Safety Mode Windows 10 Networking:
Things to Do in Safe Mode Windows 10 Networking
It only loads important files
No unnecessary driver downloads
Used to scan for malware in Windows
Install / Uninstall Drivers
Download the necessary tools
Antivirus you need to remove malware
Here are some methods discussed How to enable Safe Mode Windows 10 product key Networking. We tried our best to explain step by step. If you find it difficult, please let us know.
What are the limitations of Safe Mode?
There is a minimal set of drives in Windows 10 safe mode. Moreover, you can access all services. You can fix the problem safely and can not use many features.
Difference between Simple Safe Mode and Safe Mode Windows 10 Networking?
Both are quite similar but there is little difference as you have more services in safe mode with networking. In Windows 10 safe mode, you can not access the Internet and have no network drivers. On the other hand, Windows 10 secure mode with network access internet, you can use the Internet and have network drivers.
1 => Shift & Reboot:
Open the Start menu in the left corner
Now press the power button
Hold Shift key pressed, press the restart button
Now Windows product key will ask you 3 options (Continue, TroubleShoot, Shutdown PC)
Select Troubleshooting (Restart your computer or view advanced options)
Then select the advanced option
Now select Startup Settings
Windows will ask you to restart. Do it
You will now see the options
Safety mode
b.Enable Safe Mode Windows 10 Network
Enable Safe Mode Command Prompt
2 => Use System Configuration Tool:
System configuration tools are as common as msconifg.exe.
To open msconfig.exe.
Launch (Press Windows + R) from the Keyboard.
You can also use System Configuration Search in the left corner of Window 10.
In Windows system configuration. Go to the Startup tab
Now select the safe boot option and click OK.
Windows will ask you to restart your Windows 10
After rebooting, you are in Safe Mode Windows 10 Networking
3 => Use App Install:
You can also access Windows 10 Safe Mode by using the Settings app. The procedure is discussed below n steps.
Open Settings (Use "Windows + I")
Switch to Updates and Security
On the left, you'll see the recovery option click Restore
On the right side in the Advanced Boot section, click Restart now
Now Windows will ask you 3 options (Continue, TroubleShoot, Shutdown PC)
Select Troubleshooting (Restart your computer or view advanced options)
Then select the advanced option
Now select Startup Settings
Windows will ask you to restart. Do it
You will now see the options
Select Safe Mode Windows 10 Networking
4 => Boot from Recovery Disk:
You need to make a bootable USB first and then restore the USB disk then follow the steps below.
Create a USB drive
Use USB to boot your Windows
Load all content
You will be asked to choose a keyboard layout
On Select a Screen Option
Select Troubleshooting (Restart your computer or view advanced options)
Then select the advanced option
Now select Startup Settings
Windows will ask you to restart. Do it
You will now see the options
Select mode with Safe Mode Windows 10 Networking Writtern
In the article above, we have found that how to enter Safe Mode Windows 10 Networking. Also, what is the difference between the safe mode of windows and the safe mode of windows with network connections? Both are similar terminology, but with networking, you can use internet utilities in safe mode of Windows 10 Networking.We have discussed in brief how to get into windows mode Secure 10 Network.